Everything you need

in one place

Looking for products, services, or trusted professionals nearby? Find them all on KwikBuck.

Everything you need

in one place

Looking for products, services or trusted professionals nearby? Find them all on KwikBuck.

Anything you want

Our integrated marketplace offers everything on-demand. Conveniently browse products, book services, and connect with professionals nearby from a single mobile app

Anywhere you are

No matter if you're camping. At a family picnic in the park. Your date night at home. Spend more time doing the things that matter to you most — we’ll take care of the rest

Anytime you need

Whether you’re planning a special occasion. Need something before the big trip or after a late night at the office, a nearby seller is always standing by to help you out.

Freedom to choose

Whatever you want

Whenever you need

Whether looking to shop or ready to earn, KwikBuck offers people the freedom to take control of their lives, and the independence to choose how to live it. Save more time as a buyer. Earn more money as a seller. Do them both, whatever works for you

Serious about safety

Your safety is

our top priority

Kwikbuck is dedicated to keeping buyers and sellers safe, before, during and after every connection. Learn more about what we’re doing to help keep you safe

The flexible alternative

to full-time work

The future of work

Work when you want

Earn what you need

Be your own boss

If being your own boss, having an actual work-life balance and taking home an extra buck sounds like something for you, start earning today — anytime, anywhere.

Work on your terms

You decide how much you want to make, with no minimum hours and no limits to how much you can earn. The more you choose to work, the more you earn. It’s that simple

Earn a quick buck

Choose from variety of flexible earning opportunities, and instantly connect with customers nearby for quick, safe and convenient transactions using your phone.

Imagine a world with

more people working

Our cities are home to millions of people, and the truth is, we don’t have enough jobs for them all. The good news is we can all do something about it. Let’s #WorkTogether to connect our communities, grow our economies and empower more people

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