How to start earning

Work has never been easier or more flexible. You’re just a few steps away from reaching thousands of customers and earning your quick buck

Choose how you earn

Sell Products

Whether brand new, second hand or hand made, upload your products to start earning your buck

Provide Services

Experienced as a plumber, electrician or handyman? Offer your talents and skills to your community

Host Experiences

Share your passion by hosting activities and experiences you're passionate about

Complete Tasks

Lend a helping hand by completing a variety of tasks and errands for users nearby

Share insights

Earn a buck through live text chats, phone or video calls with users looking for your expertise

Monetise your content

Are you an influencer? KwikBuck lets you monetise your podcasts and online content

Control how you work

Earn whenever you want

There’s no minimum or mandatory time you have to earn, so you can block off dates when you’re not available.

Set prices you feel good about

You get to choose your store prices, and our pricing tools can help you decide.

Quickly coordinate calendars

To avoid getting booked when you’re unavailable, you can connect your KwikBuck calendar with your other calendars. This allows you to keep all calendars up-to-date automatically.

Establish your own rules

To help set expectations, you can add Order Rules that customers must agree to before booking. If a customer breaks a rule after they book, you can cancel the order without penalty.

Connect with customers

Instant offers

Create custom offers to potential buyers through the in-app chat feature


Work with other professionals in the same space to complete orders

Stay safe

Share your order details with loved ones using the in app tracking feature

Get paid your way

Create your store

You can advertise your store to millions of users with no strings attached—no sign-up charges or membership fees

Receive multiple orders

KwikBuck charges each customer before you deliver to ensure you’ll always get paid on time after each order. You never have to handle money directly.

Paid when you're done

KwikBuck typically releases your money about 24 hours after the order is completed to ensure your order goes smoothly.

Tap into nearby marketplaces

Seamlessly connect to nearby marketplaces whilst travelling locally or abroad. KwikBuck is available in cities worldwide, so you can earn whenever you want, wherever you are, even when you’re far from home

Resources throughout

As a seller, the KwikBuck community always has your back. For helpful tips and suggestions, you’ll find a robust Help Center, 375,000 sellers in our Community Center, and a number of earning toolkits.

Over 2 million people sell on KwikBuck and no seller’s style is the same.

Popular questions from Sellers

KwikBuck charges a standard 5% listing fee based on the total value of the product listed, service or task rendered, and is only payable after each successful transaction.

You can earn as often as you like — feel free to adjust your dates and times until you find what works best for you.

Depending on activities involved, certain opportunities may require a business license. Make sure to check local laws in your area to determine which licenses may be required for your experience, especially if there is food, alcohol, or transportation involved.

If you would like to start selling in your area, simply download the KwikBuck app, setup your store and invite your friends or family members to support you through the app, and get your community going.

KwikBuck is available in hundreds of cities worldwide. Tap below to see if yours is one of them.

If you want to collaborate with one other person, make sure their name is mentioned on your listing so that customers know who you’ll be working with. They’ll also need to have a verified KwikBuck profile.

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