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Creating safer connections

Your safety is our top priority. We never stop working to reduce incidents and set new standards, so you can stay connected and protected every time you shop with us.

Serious about your Safety

Emergency Assist

With KwikBuck you'll always know who you're buying from or selling to. Both sellers and buyers undergo thorough background checks before transacting through the app

24/7 Support

Whether you have a quick question or an incident to report, it’s easy to get the help you need. Access 24/7 support directly through the app, whenever you need it

Share your order details

Let the people you love know who you're transacting with. Choose your Trusted Contacts in the app and set reminders to share your order details with them

Safety Centre

Visit the in-app Safety Centre to learn what we're doing to help keep you safe. Just tap the icon the next time you place an order

2-way Ratings

Your feedback matters. The two-way rating system maintains an enjoyable KwikBuck experience and helps keep buyers and sellers safe. A consistently low-rating can lead to suspension or deactivation on both sides

GPS Tracking

All KwikBuck orders are tracked by GPS from start to finish, so you can follow your delivery and see exactly where its going

Phone Number Anonymisation

Calls and messages made using the KwikBuck app do not reveal personal phone numbers. Your details are automatically protected

Seller Profile

Get to know your seller before you allow them into your home. You can see their rating, how many orders they've completed, how long they’ve been earning through KwikBuck, compliments from previous buyers, and more

Sellers must clear several screenings

All potential selling-partners must complete a criminal background and in-person screening process before they can accept order requests through the KwikBuck app.

Background Checks

With KwikBuck you'll always know who you're buying from or selling to. Both sellers and buyers undergo thorough background checks before transacting through the app.

In-person Screening

All potential selling-partners are interviewed in-person and must undergo a thorough service screening process to ensure they are adequately equipped to complete the order.

Working Hour Limits

To help make orders safer for everyone, KwikBuck automatically locks sellers out of the app when they reach the consecutive working hours limit.


Check your order, everytime

Before you allow anyone into your home, take a second to double-check the app for your seller’s information. Follow these 3 steps to make sure the right seller as at the door;

Step 1

Check the map to confirm arrival

Step 2

Check the seller's photo

Step 3

Match the order number

Strenthening our community

We want to make KwikBuck enjoyable and inclusive for everyone. Anyone who doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines can be removed from the platform.

More about Safety

Seller safety

Work when and where you want with confidence.

Earn with KwikBuck

Work when and where you want with confidence

We’re here to help

Support is just a few taps away. You can also get your questions answered by using our help section.

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