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01. Where can I get the app?

Please visit the Apple App Store to download the KwikBuck App for iPhone and the Google Play Store to download the KwikBuck App for all Android devices.

02. The map isn’t working

While this should be a rare case, it is a known issue with the Google maps interface. Simply rebooting your phone should solve this problem.

If this does not solve the problem please send an email to support@kwikbuck.com and we’ll investigate the issue.

03. How does the KwikBuck app work?

Our app instantly connects sellers with nearby buyers. With Kwikbuck, our buckeneurs ( sellers ) get all the freedom and independence they crave by selling their goods, providing their services, or completing tasks. Our buckaroos (buyers) get the benefits of online commerce combined with world-class shopping.

04. Where we’re available

We are currently focussed on the larger metropolitan areas, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Durban. If you would like to get your area going, simply download the KwikBuck app, set up your store and start selling. You can even invite your friends to join the movement and get your community going.

05. Terms of use

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06. Reschedule Policy

To reschedule, you will want to communicate with your Buckeneur ( Seller ) directly. Reach out to your Buckeneur ( Seller ) in the order thread as soon as possible and see if they can work with you on finding a new appointment time. If you don’t know how to contact your Buckeneur ( Seller ), please do so on your order’s page.

Buckeneur ( Seller ) have the ability to reschedule the task by setting a new appointment time once it has been agreed upon by both Buckaroo ( Buyer ) and Buckeneurs ( Sellers ) are often booked far in advance so if your Buckeneur ( Seller ) is no longer available you may need to cancel your service or task and rebook.

07. Cancellation Policy

Please note that if you confirm your task with the Buckeneur ( Seller ) and cancel or reschedule your task within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, you may incur a one-hour cancellation fee at the Buckeneur’s ( Seller’s ) hourly rate.

On-demand tasks may also incur a cancellation fee if you have confirmed the appointment with your Buckeneur ( Seller )  and they have begun working on or traveling to your task or service location.

The cancellation policy is in place to ensure Buckeneurs ( Sellers ) are fairly compensated for having set aside time in their day to assist Clients. All cancellations are reviewed internally and a determination is made whether or not a fee is applicable.

If the cancellation occurred because of the fault of the Buckeneur ( Seller ), you will not incur a fee.

If you’ve been charged a cancellation fee and wish to dispute it please contact our Customer Support Team.

If some work has already been completed at the time of cancellation, you and your Buckeneur ( Seller ) should determine the number of hours the Buckeneur ( Seller ) should be paid for. If you and your Buckeneur ( Seller ) cannot come to an agreement, KwikBuck will work with you and your Buckeneur ( Seller ) to determine the appropriate payment for a partially completed service and/or task that is canceled.

08. Seller never arrived

We’re sorry to hear that your Buckeneur ( Seller ) has not shown up, or is late to arrive.

If you haven’t already, try contacting your Buckeneur ( Seller ) by going to the order page found on the app and send your Buckeneur ( Seller ) a message requesting an update. Alternatively, you can call your Buckeneur ( Seller ) by selecting the phone icon in your mobile application. In the event that the Buckeneur ( Seller ) cancels the booking, the Buckaroo ( Buyer ) will be refunded in full.

If you are still unable to get in touch with your Buckeneur ( Seller ), you can contact our Customer Support Team. We’re happy to help!

09. Product Returns

When you order from a Buckeneur ( Seller ) that fulfills and ships its own inventory , your return is sent back to the seller instead of KwikBuck. While most sellers offer a returns policy equivalent to KwikBuck’s, some seller returns policies may vary. You can view the return policy of the seller before you purchase an item by viewing the Returns and Refunds Policy section of the seller profile page. To view the seller’s return policy, once you’ve ordered, you can select your order in the order’s page.

Buckeneurs ( Sellers ) must either provide a return address within the Country of Sale or offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned. If a Buckeneur ( Seller ) does not offer these methods to return your items, you may file or file a non- compliance claim to seek help with your return.

If a package doesn’t arrive and you don’t use a trackable method to return or if you refuse the shipment as a method of return, we may not be able to cover you under the non- compliance claim.

10. Product Returns

Items shipped from Buckeneurs ( Sellers ) , can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. A full item cost refund will be provided on faulty items and unopened or unused products. Should an order be delayed or remain undelivered, a full refund will be made to the Buckaroo ( Buyer ) and the Listing fee’s will remain charged to the Buckeneur ( Seller ) .

Delivery Fee’s incurred are non- refundable, and returns or collections fee’s of unwanted items will be for applicable to either the Buckeneur ( Seller ) or Buckaroo ( Buyer ), depending on the nature of the return, collection or refund required

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